AMICULUM® works only with a few, carefully selected recruitment agencies on a limited range of appointments

All recruitment agencies are required to contact AMICULUM’s HR team to obtain prior written authorization before referring any candidates to us

In the absence of such written authorization being obtained any actions undertaken by the recruitment agency shall be deemed to have been performed without the consent or contractual agreement of AMICULUM and its affiliated companies. AMICULUM shall therefore not be liable for any fees arising from such actions or any fees arising from any referrals by recruitment agencies in respect of the vacancies posted on this site

Unsolicited CVs or applications submitted by recruiters with whom we have not agreed terms will not be processed. Similarly, applications which are submitted directly to our agencies by recruitment firms rather than through our HR team will not be acted upon

It is essential that all CVs submitted by approved recruiters are accompanied by confirmation that the candidate has specifically authorized the recruiter to submit the application to AMICULUM or one of our individual agencies – submissions which are not so certified will be disregarded

Individual candidates considering making a direct application are very welcome to contact any of our agencies directly to discuss advertised positions but recruiters must work through AMICULUM’s HR team

Please contact Tom Davies in our HR team if you are a recruiter who wishes to discuss working with us:

Potential candidates who wish to ensure that their application is accepted and reviewed are advised to speak to us directly rather than asking a recruiter to approach us on your behalf. We give priority to independent applicants. Please contact Richard Allcorn to arrange a confidential telephone conversation or meeting: