AMICULUM® is an independent, privately owned business run by its founders. Our individual agencies are wholly-owned and managed by experienced leaders who are actively involved in the provision of services to clients. 

What does this mean to our stakeholders – our clients, team members and shareholders?


Clients who entrust their assignment to AMICULUM know that individual agencies are led by an experienced management team charged with ensuring that long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships are established and maintained. When working with more than one AMICULUM team, for example on the design and implementation of a global communication strategy, clients know that the teams are fully-aligned – there are no loose ‘partnering’ or collaboration arrangements that can dilute focus or divert attention from achieving the best outcome for the client. Our distinctive leadership style and innovative rewards structure support a high level of retention of key staff. Finally, every member of each of our teams understands and upholds the high standards dictated by the professional environment in which we and our clients operate.


Many of our team members have previously worked for ‘big agency networks’ and have experienced first-hand the frustrations that can arise from a corporate approach to the management of creative and innovative businesses. All of our business leaders play a ‘hands on’ role in their individual agencies and the wider team benefits from the ‘been there, done it, still doing it’ management style that results. All team members have a significant opportunity to influence their business and are encouraged to participate in our long-term planning process as well as research and innovation activities. Employees are rewarded both for their individual contribution to our business and to the value that they and their colleagues create for our clients and shareholders.


AMICULUM’s founding shareholders remain actively involved in the growth of our business and the delivery of services to clients. Because the company is privately-owned its shareholders have been able to set clear long-term priorities for the business, which we believe are aligned with the interests of employees and clients. We have consistently invested in the development of new and improved services and in the extension of our reach into markets that are key to our clients’ long-term success.

Our primary aim is to build great teams which deliver excellent work to leading global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. We aim to do this at a fair price, which allows us to reward our staff appropriately and to continue to invest in research and innovation. In this model, the long-term success of AMICULUM will be an appropriate secondary outcome of consistent delivery of an excellent service to good clients.