AMICULUM® branding

AMICULUM’s agencies have paid a great deal of attention to development of brand identities that are distinctive and designed to convey the key attributes of our business.

Amiculum means cloak, cape or other protective covering and that seems like a good name for an organization designed to protect and coordinate the activities of a small cluster of suppliers of specialized services and consultancies.

In biology, amiculum /amic·u·lum/ (ah-mik´u-lum) pl. ami´cula [L.] is a dense surrounding coat of white fibres in the dentate nucleus that links the cerebellum to the rest of the brain. The dentate nucleus plays a critical role in the planning, initiation and control of voluntary movements. AMICULUM does that too.

The AMICULUM ‘brand band’ comprises the primary brand colours of our agencies – 7.4, AMICULUM Digital, Comradis, Delta Kn, Evida, Mudskipper and Seques. The logotype is designed to reflect the full spectrum of consultancy and services provided by our individual agencies to their clients worldwide and illustrates how our agencies can work together in a coordinated way to meet their clients’ needs.

Our brands
AMICULUM Protective covering; a key part of the CNS Protects the part of the brain responsible for planning, initiation and control of voluntary movements
7.4 Physiological pH The perfect balance
Comradis Approximately 1 in 16 people will be affected by a rare disease during their lifetime Honesty. The published figure is actually 1 in 17 but we just could not make that fit into a square symbol
Delta Kn Delta=change Kn=knowledge Learning = change in knowledge
Evida Evidence underpins everything we do Evidence, insight, action
Mudskipper Mudskipper (Periophthalmus species) Adaptability, mobility, vision and competitive advantage