AMICULUM’s businesses

Our holding company, AMICULUM Limited, is the ultimate owner of the following companies:

  • 7.4 Limited
  • AMICULUM Business Services Limited
  • AMICULUM Consulting Limited
  • AMICULUM Digital Limited
  • AMICULUM (Hong Kong) Limited
  • AMICULUM (Singapore) Private Limited
  • Comradis Limited
  • Delta Kn Limited
  • Mudskipper Business Consulting (Shanghai) Limited
  • Mudskipper Business Limited
  • Mudskipper Incorporated

Evida is a trading division of AMICULUM Consulting Ltd.

The 7.4, AMICULUM, Comradis and Mudskipper names and symbols are Registered Trademarks owned by AMICULUM Limited. Additional information about our individual agencies can be obtained from their leaders. If you have any general enquiries about AMICULUM you are welcome to contact us directly:

Dr Richard Allcorn

Dr Jenny Putin

Jane Smith MBA

AMICULUM Limited is a company registered in England.  Our company number is 05521206

AMICULUM Limited’s Registered Office is:
The Boathouse
Clarence Mill
SK10 5JZ, UK


AMICULUM’s agencies currently employ over 200 healthcare communications specialists and support staff in ten locations worldwide