AMICULUM compliance

AMICULUM is led by a team of experienced pharmaceutical industry professionals and we ensure that all of the projects that we deliver on behalf of our clients meet the highest international standards of compliance and ethics.

Our teams are all familiar with compliance requirements and have experience in working under special conditions such as Corporate Integrity Agreements. 

As we operate only through wholly-owned agencies, our clients can be confident that our teams operate to the same high standard in all regions and that we operate stringent internal processes, including audits.

All members of staff are required to sign employment contracts and adhere to a code of conduct which governs their interactions with clients, suppliers, medical experts and other stakeholders.

AMICULUM has specific policies relating to Public Interest Disclosure ('whistle-blowing'), anti-bribery and avoidance of conflicts of interest.

Overall responsibility for compliance rests with our Board or Directors and we would be happy to discuss compliance arrangements with existing or prospective client companies.