AMICULUM responsibility

Whilst "CSR" seems to be the latest craze (at least for those with a stake in the CSR industry), AMICULUM prefers to talk simply about responsibility.

We believe that our agencies have to recognize and discharge their responsibilities to all of the following stakeholder groups: patients, healthcare professionals, clients and our employees. 

During our recruitment process, all prospective employees learn that AMICULUM expects its teams to understand the particular responsibilities placed on those who work in the healthcare industry and to act accordingly.

Our leadership team has zero tolerance for unethical conduct on the part of any of the many individuals or organizations with whom we work and we invite anyone with concerns regarding the conduct of our staff or suppliers to report them directly to our Board.

Whilst the majority of our profits are reinvested in our business we do, when the opportunity arises, support healthcare related charities. Previous donations have been made to support disaster relief, hospice care, cancer research and support services, HIV education in emerging markets and sponsorship of a rural community ambulance. We have also completed a limited number of healthcare communications projects on a pro-bono basis where other sources of funding were not available. Any requests for such support should be directed to Richard (