AMICULUM® was designed to be different

The AMICULUM concept was created in 2000 in order to provide a viable alternative to large multinational corporate agency networks on the one hand and single-centre independent business on the other. Our intention was to be able to combine the synergies, geographic reach and support structures associated with large agency networks with the high levels of customer-focus, responsiveness and creativity that are frequently found in small independent agencies.

Our founding objective was:

“To create and grow de novo a branded, integrated network of healthcare agencies and consultancies delivering value-added services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies”

Our judgment was that investment in the creation of an integrated network of wholly-owned businesses, all operating to the same high standard and sharing a common long-term objective, would achieve a better outcome for our clients, team members and shareholders than two alternative business strategies. Acquisition and re-branding of a disparate group of agencies can quickly create the impression of good international reach or a broad service offering, but successful integration of agency philosophies is problematic. Similarly, the formation of loose ‘strategic alliances’ between competing firms rarely provides the degree of client focus and ‘ownership’ of projects that is required.