Digital communications in perspective

The digital landscape is evolving at a tremendous pace which provides a huge number of opportunities and benefits. Our digital strategists, developers and client services team have designed and delivered a wide range of digital programmes and solutions for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors. Because we work only on healthcare assignments, our team is familiar with the development of innovative and effective communications within a tightly regulated environment.

Whilst we try to maintain a healthy scepticism about the opportunities presented by some of these technologies, advances in mobile digital technologies have, we believe, fundamentally altered the healthcare communications mix in both well-established and emerging markets.

The services of the AMICULUM Digital team are available to all of our agencies and their clients. Alternatively, their experienced client service team can work directly with clients on the delivery of digital projects.

The aphorism 'content is king' applies to digital healthcare communications and is one of the reasons why we focus exclusively on this sector. It provides us with the opportunity to combine our digital creativity and technical expertise with the in-depth understanding of science, medicine and healthcare delivery that resides within the entire AMICULUM team. Investment in the creation of sophisticated digital communications and platforms needs to be accompanied by the creation of high-quality content, as would be the case for any other channel.

Use of the digital channel provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the reach and longevity of existing communications, including those originally developed for other media. Whilst repurposing of materials can be very cost-effective, use of digital media can, in some instances highlight the sub-optimal nature of older content. AMICULUM’s medical communications expertise means that we are well-placed to discuss our clients’ objectives with them and make recommendations if required.