A vast array of experts from many scientific and professional disciplines is involved in the discovery, development and use of new medical treatments. Some of this expertise resides within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies and their suppliers, whilst many are based within organizations responsible for the provision of healthcare services, academia, the voluntary sector or elsewhere

One of the defining characteristics of the teams within AMICULUM® is their ability to establish and maintain effective and professional working relationships with medical experts and other important stakeholder groups. We believe that this is because we attract, recruit and retain talented individuals many of whom have significant technical expertise in drug discovery and development and all of whom understand the importance of timely, professional and effective communications with busy individuals for whom the project in hand is rarely the top priority. A clinician with a waiting room full of patients wanting attention will not relish being ‘chased’ to approve a draft communication, but it is vital to our clients that the approval is secured. We often act ‘in loco clientis’ in such situations and it is critical that such interactions are satisfactory for all parties.

Our interactions with medical and other experts occur in the full range of traditional forums, such as expert meetings and advisory boards. We also conduct one-on-one meetings with stakeholders on behalf of our clients in order to solicit expert opinion during, for example, projects to develop strategic plans or create new healthcare communication initiatives.