The word ‘meetings’ does not adequately describe the breadth and depth of support provided by AMICULUM®

Meetings can be real (physical) or remote (virtual) or a combination of the two. They can be convened to achieve a very broad range of objectives and be one-off events, recurring or part of a series designed to run over a period of weeks, months or years. Participants might represent every stakeholder group within the healthcare sector, including pharmaceutical company employees, healthcare professionals of every type, investigators, payers, patients and advocates.

Meeting formats are similarly varied and include one-on-one, advisory boards, expert panels, workshops, and congresses. They can be held for the purposes of information gathering or exchange, medical education, training, promotion, team-building, or almost any combination of these objectives.

We are confident that during the last 11 years AMICULUM’s agencies have provided support to clients in the design, preparation for, management and reporting of just about every possible permutation of these variables.

As with all of our work in healthcare communications, we are keen to partner with our clients from a very early stage to ensure that we understand the meeting objectives and to input to the optimum format, participants, timing and location.

The costs associated with international travel, environmental concerns, time constraints on delegates and the increasing restrictions on the provision of support for the participation of healthcare professionals in congresses and similar events are all supporting the drive towards greater use of virtual formats to replace or supplement more traditional meeting formats. AMICULUM’s agencies have been at the forefront of these developments and have experience in all aspects of the technologies that can be deployed to support virtual meetings.

As with other healthcare communication channels, we pay close attention to the content of meetings of all types. We are also well placed to assist clients with the design of creative and interesting agendas, identification, invitation and liaison with participants and development of high-quality enduring materials of all types.