Facilitating the development of healthcare-related materials destined for presentation or publication is one of AMICULUM’s core activities

AMICULUM’s teams have extensive experience in the development of healthcare communications for presentation at scientific or medical meetings or publication in a wide range of media including peer-reviewed medical journals.

Our teams comprise individuals with the following specialist skills:

  • Communication and publication strategy development
  • Publication planning
  • Medical writing
  • Editing
  • Literature research and analysis
  • Graphic design
  • Reference checking
  • Publication project management (including use of commercial publication tracking software)

Our writing and editorial teams are fully cognizant of the regulatory, ethical and procedural requirements for those involved in the development of medical publications; indeed, we have assisted our clients with the creation and internal communication of publications best practice guidelines.

AMICULUM team members have devised and run workshop meetings designed to help researchers and clinicians achieve publication of their data in leading international medical journals, and have facilitated training meetings for pharmaceutical industry employees.

Our Consulting team has a track record of innovation in the field of publication analytics. We pioneered the application of sophisticated clustering software to generate thematic maps of the entire published literature in selected therapy areas. We are also the originator of LiterRate™, a proprietary online tool that can be used to measure the scientific support for both new and established drug treatments in the indexed scientific literature.