Lend us your watch and we’ll tell you the time

'Consultancy' is one of the most frequently misused words on agency websites (along with 'strategy' and 'solution') and we’d like to provide an AMICULUM® perspective.

AMICULUM’s clients are, without exception, bright people who work for large, advanced, well-resourced global organizations. This being the case, you might expect that there would be limited opportunities for us to provide meaningful consultancy services to them – but you would be mistaken. All clients have full-time ‘day jobs’ and the arrival of an issue requiring a high level of attention, often in a very truncated time-frame, poses a challenge which may be insurmountable without access to dedicated external support.

In the AMICULUM vernacular, 'consultancy' means that we make available to our clients the time, expertise and experience of senior staff from all parts of our business in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US. We work with members of our client’s own team (and selected external experts, if required) to help overcome a challenge that they don’t have the time, capacity or specific expertise to address without external assistance.

Unlike some ‘management consultancy firms’ AMICULUM does not seek to impose a branded methodology, but works with clients from first principles to assess the nature of the challenge and to identify potential solutions. We have the experience and capabilities to assist our clients overcome challenges in most areas of drug development and commercialization – if we are not confident that we can deliver the support that a client needs within the time and budget that is available we will say so, promptly.

Information about our consultancy services

AMICULUM was founded in 2001 on provision of a meaningful consultancy service in the area of healthcare communications and we have continued to extend both our spectrum of activity and geographic reach over the past 16 years. Whilst details of the consulting assignments that we have delivered on our clients’ behalf have to remain confidential, the range of challenges we have helped to address includes:

  • Patient pathway and brand opportunity/barrier analysis in a rare ophthalmological disease
  • Competitor landscape analysis in immuno-oncology
  • Identification and prioritization of potential acquisition targets in respiratory
  • Development of a market entry strategy for the Middle East region
  • Strategic and tactical plan development for new brand launches in HIV
  • Long range forecasting in HIV for existing portfolio and new products
  • Optimising a client’s new product planning framework

AMICULUM’s teams enjoy responding to challenges and welcome the opportunity to discuss potential assignments in the strictest confidence.