Creation of effective communication strategies and development of high-quality communications are key competences at AMICULUM®

AMICULUM’s agencies offer significant expertise in the following five aspects of healthcare communications:


Our teams are skilled in the development of communication strategies designed to achieve our clients’ scientific and commercial objectives. Whilst we have developed strategies for drugs at many different stages of research and development, one of our key strengths is the ability to work with early clinical data to create strategies that support the effective commercialization of novel agents. At the other end of the product lifecycle, we have worked with our clients to devise strategies to address challenges that arise due to approaching patent expiry.


Strategies need to be converted into deliverable plans if they are to be effective. AMICULUM’s agencies are all experienced in the development and management of plans that encompass all key communication channels and target audiences. In addition to conventional planning techniques, we have developed a secure web-based communications planning tool (RAPPORT™), designed to support the creation and coordination of plans involving multiple stakeholders.


Development of well-written and accurate content is key to our scientific, educational and commercial assignments. Our teams work closely with their clients and external experts in the creation of content for communication programmes and we are experienced in managing the demanding review and approvals processes which are a feature of our sector.


AMICULUM’s agencies work across all main channels on the delivery of communications – we have expertise in all types of publications, meetings and digital communications. Our objective is to always provide media-neutral recommendations to our clients. We work to determine the communications channels and formats that will deliver the optimum results.


John Wanamaker (1838–1922) is credited with the now famous statement "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.“ Assessment of the value of communications activities within the pharmaceutical industry remains a very challenging area, but it is one in which AMICULUM has demonstrated leadership. For example, we were not content to accept that simply counting the number of publications relating to a particular brand was a reasonable metric and instead developed LiterRate™ ( LiterRate is a proprietary online tool that can be used to measure the scientific support for both new and established drug treatments in the indexed scientific literature. Our teams continue to work with clients in the development of novel approaches to determine the return on investment of healthcare communications.