Delivery of effective healthcare requires a significant ongoing commitment to the provision of learning designed to ensure the appropriate and effective use of therapies

Delta Kn is an AMICULUM® agency that is entirely focused on healthcare learning and specializes in techniques designed to assess and impart knowledge and understanding whether in an academic, business or healthcare practice setting.  However, development and delivery of high-quality medical education assignments are also core competencies at 7.4® and Mudskipper®.  

Our teams have developed learning programmes for a wide range of target audiences including:

  • Physicians
  • Nursing staff and other healthcare professionals
  • Patients and caregivers
  • Pharmaceutical industry employees (sales representatives, medical science liaisons, clinical research associates and other staff)

As with our other healthcare communications activities, AMICULUM seeks to ensure that its clients’ investment in learning activities achieves the desired outcomes in terms of knowledge acquisition and behaviour change. Our proprietary web-based LearningZone™ technology is being used by one of our global pharmaceutical clients to measure the understanding of key staff through confidence-based assessments so that learning programmes can be designed and implemented to rapidly address identified knowledge gaps.

Innovative learning from AMICULUM teams
  • Creation of learning materials designed to explain diagnostic MRI to children and teenagers
  • Development of an e-learning programme to improve the management of diabetic patients on admission to hospital
  • Rapid implementation of a programme designed to assess a pharmaceutical company employees’ understanding of regulatory compliance procedures
  • An educational programme designed to introduce a large number of company employees to a new therapy area

AMICULUM’s thorough understanding of a wide range of therapy areas, healthcare provision and all key aspects of drug development and commercialization is supplemented by in-house expertise in learning methodologies. Our teams deliver learning programmes via both traditional and new channels including meetings, publications, training manuals, interactive workshops, e-learning and m-learning. 

Given the increasing importance of health literacy in both established and emerging markets, AMICULUM intends to continue to invest in the extension of its global healthcare learning capabilities.