AMICULUM® undertakes only healthcare-related assignments

Each of AMICULUM’s teams work exclusively on healthcare assignments. We work for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and other healthcare service providers, such as the NHS in the UK. Whilst we recognize that important innovations, particularly in the field of communications, take place in other business sectors, we think that the healthcare sector provides particular opportunities and challenges and we relish both.

All of our teams are cognizant of the particular constraints placed on those who work in the healthcare sector – but that does not mean that we cannot innovate. For example, in the development of a platform designed to facilitate information and opinion exchange between medical thought leaders worldwide, we worked with regulators and clients to create a system that is secure but sufficiently flexible to meet emerging needs in a new environment.

Our teams share our clients’ desire that patients receive the best care available to them. We recognize that effective communication and learning activities play a vital role in ensuring the appropriate and effective use of drugs, devices and other healthcare interventions.

Much of our work involves the communication of complex technical information to expert professional audiences, but we have successfully delivered many projects for a wide range of audience types including primary care physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare staff, patients and their care-givers.

AMICULUM’s global team includes healthcare professionals with backgrounds in medicine and pharmacy, many of whom are scientists with research-based degrees in a range of biomedical disciplines. Several members of our team have worked within the international pharmaceutical industry in roles including clinical research, medical affairs, medical information, regulatory affairs and marketing. Others have gained significant experience in the healthcare agency and consulting sectors. Some members of our team contribute expertise gained in other academic, industry or service settings and this adds to the broad spectrum of experience offered by AMICULUM.